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Unexpected Pregnancy?

we can help!

We here at Always Hope are an expectant mother safe haven.

We promise to never judge anyone based on current or past life choices.


Looking to Adopt?

we can help!

We promote adoption and offer adoption education to both expectant mothers and adoptive families.

We promote open adoptions as well as offer support groups for all mothers who choose adoption.


Unsure What to do?

we can help!

We strive to make sure that every woman that enters our building walks out better than she came in.

We are an adoption resource center where all of our staff has been touched by adoption.

Welcome to our Family.

Merging Families one Heartbeat at a time

pregnancy choices


Always Hope offers free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to women of all ages without regard for race, color, creed, religion, or ability to pay.

Our Pregnancy Center has personalized counseling available to help you work through your needs and concerns. We can assist you with all your insurance questions, including enrolling you in Pregnancy Medicaid and WIC, if you wish.  We will assist you in your search for educational and employment opportunities, Department of Health information, as well as childcare, food, clothing and housing resources.

When a woman, regardless of age, discovers she is pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy, she thinks abortion is her only option to becoming a mother before she is ready.  At Always Hope, we can show you adoption is an amazing alternative.

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As the “birth mother” you can choose who adopts your baby from families that are screened and approved for adoption. You can view books created by these families hoping to adopt a child. They have passed local, state and federal background checks as well as undergone counseling and approval from a mental health professional who would have visited their home. You can speak with these prospective families and ask all the questions you feel necessary. Many birth mothers allow their adoptive families to participate in prenatal appointments and to be present during delivery in order to share the experience and financial assistance can be given to the birth mother during the pregnancy. Sometimes, the assistance can continue after the birth for an agreed period of time.

Always Hope encourages open adoptions which means you can remain in communication with the family after the adoption is finalized. Social media is utilized to respect everyone’s privacy while allowing you to remain interactive. If you believe you prefer a closed adoption after discussing the advantages of an open placement, please just let us know. Your wishes and desires are first and foremost at Always Hope.

Once the birth mother releases the infant at birth, an adoption attorney goes before the judge to finalize the adoption. This attorney will draft and file all legal paperwork as well as coordinate all of the legal matters at no cost to you.

We also provide Family counseling and will help you share your adoption plans with your family if you prefer to not doing so, alone.

Information is also available regarding lifestyles including drug usage and STD’s.

To schedule an appointment for counseling, please call: (904) 559-5411

All services are provided free of charge to all women and families.




Adoptive Parent Services

If you are in the state of Florida:

◘ we provide home study services
◘ assistance with creating and promoting profile book
◘ counseling on the waiting process
◘ grant assistance

# Fundraising assistance and ideas
# we will host your photo on our website

Always Hope acts as an outreach center, whose mission is to assist birth mothers during and after their pregnancy.
This can include connecting birth mothers with potential adoptive families through an adoption attorney.
We are in the process of obtaining a state license as a child placement agency but make no implications that we currently act as such.

All of our services are provided through the donations of our generous supporters.

Experiences with Always Hope


Adopting our third baby took a lot of patience and faith on our family’s part. We were struggling to afford the cost to adopt another precious little one, and it’s no wonder why. The average expenses for an adoption today total somewhere around $30,000. As a single income family, we really struggled to come up with tens of thousands of dollars for the third time.

But, even though many times it felt impossible……


The journey began I found the perfect family that I knew from the moment I saw them were the parents of this lil heartbeat growing in me. They turned out to be not just the parents of this beautiful baby girl but an extension of my family! I gained a closeness to this lil unborn child after finding Tara and the parents, there was a purpose! They showed me hope, strength, love, and compassion n so much more! They made me feel like I was a superhero when I felt they were! ……


I am 17 years old. I’m from and live in Jacksonville, Fl. I remember the first day that I found out that I was pregnant. The only thing that was going through my mind was how will I raise this baby? How would I get food for this baby? How would I get clothing? My mom and my siblings were already living with our aunt and they didn’t even want us there. I also started thinking about my future and how will I balance it with my baby. I was scared, young, and wanted to finish living my life. I didn’t want to be selfish and have an abortion. I did what was best for me and Adelynn……

Luke and Jaimie

From the moment we spoke with Tara at Always Hope we knew they were the perfect fit for us. Our top priority when choosing an agency was finding one that truly cares for the birth mothers. Always Hope goes above and beyond making sure their birth mothers are supported and loved from day one. As an adoptive family, we felt cared for and known.

There was never a doubt about whether they knew exactly who we were or not when calling……